Do you want to search the web in a single country

Why is the site called AskBelow.Com?


Mainly because its raison d'etre is to provide the means for visitors to search the web for results from an individual country.

So, for example, if you are searching Google for products or services nearby, you don't always want the page filled with results from other countries. Most of those results will end in .com

And that is where this site helps. Type in your chosen country - search for what you need - and you will only get web pages from that country. So if you are in Canada, searching for a person or other information from Australia, you will only get results directly from Australia. By cutting out the .com results, you can often find what you need much faster.

So this site bring web results only from the country you are searching. Cutting out general web results.

Dot Com is king. But sometimes it helps to bypass it.

Why not AskBelow.Com and search closer to home (or the country you need)?

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Do you want to search the web in a single country AskBelow.Com